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You have reached the portfolio of Wendy Johnson Carmical. Classical animator, instructor, and e-learning designer. Trained at Sheridan College in 2D animation. I love cartoons, learning, comedy and sharing knowledge.

My background includes; e-learning in all forms, online courses, digital books, making animated films, producing children’s interactive kits, developing mobile games, teaching animation and game development plus I worked on the Carmen SanDiego games, featuring Carmen as one of the first female bad-ass villains in a game. Following that I worked for Purplemoon, making games for girls then onto Disney Online and Alan Kay’s group at Walt Disney Imagineering.

A graduate of S.F. State’s unique (avant-garde) Interdisciplinary Arts program with a focus on video and computer art. In the last few years, I made the obvious leap to Instructional Design and have been very grateful to see all my disparate skills come together in gainful employment.

Thank you, for taking the time to look around.